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four Marks and Medstead Festive A4 doubl
four Marks and Medstead Festive A4 doubl

Design and Print 

All in one place

All designs can include digital assets

for your website and social media needs.

What are you planning for New Year's Eve?

Seasonal events marketing - printed and digital 

Restaurant / Bar / Hotel / Pub

Website Development

Contact me so that we can discuss how to make you stand out from your competitors.

From interactive forms to posters, digital assets and retail marketing. Graphic design is everywhere, whether you realise it or not. It validates your brand the more your current and potential customers see it.

Let me help you create graphics and visual aids to promote you and your business.

You don't have to start from scratch. I can develop an amazing website for you! 

Let me take the hassle out of designing a great website for your business.

Do you need help setting up, reformatting or rebranding 
your business documents?
If you need professional help designing, formatting, templating and structuring your business documents both digital and for print? 
 – I am here to help.

I can produce and update templates for all your business needs. 

Business aways needs graphics and marketing support, I can provide everything you need for your business from internal communications to retail POS to outside events.

From Posters, flyers, business cards, leaflets, tenders, planning docs, annual reports, table talkers, exhibition flags and banners, 


Blogs,  data input, interactive forms, research and presentations - simply call me to discuss

Your brand is a powerful, visual impression of your business/charity or personal profile   - it's the first thing every client, potential customer, donor sees, so it must be right. It must say - what you want it to say - your brand needs to get your message across in a second.

If you need your marketing/brand to have that impactful and effective marketing edge, contact me so that we can discuss how to make you stand out from your competitors.

Louise Peacock, Senior Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Creative Illustrator

Freelance  |   Contract   |  Hourly  |   Daily Rates

I have over 30 years experience working in retail, marketing and charity sectors.  Producing artwork and POS, for campaigns, events, exhibitions, advertisements as well as  digital art for websites, emailers, social media and print.  My clients are diverse ranging from – individuals,  small companies,  big companies with over 250 sites,  global businesses. I am professional and approachable and am happy to discuss whatever you need.    

GRAPHIC DESIGN – (including)

Graphic Design  | Digital Assets |  Website Development  |  Illustrations  |  Interactive Forms  |   Social Media  | Business Stationery |  Corporate Branding  |  POS Emailers  |   Photograph | Image Editing  | Digital Art  | Banners  |  Flags  |  T Shirts  |  Advertisements | Illustrations  |  Templates  |  Editorial Support  |   Business Documents  |  Presentations  |  Posters  |  Flyers  |   Restaurant, Hotel, Bar and Pub Collateral  |Vehicle graphics  | Marketing support  | Invitations |  Memorial Booklets  |  Reports  |  Word Press |1and!  | Ionos  | Wix  |  

PACKAGES USED –  (including)

Adobe Creative Suite  |  Adobe Indesign |  Adobe Illustrator   |  Adobe Photoshop   |  Microsoft Word  |  Excel  |

 PowerPoint  |  Acrobat  |  Outlook  |  Xero

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